Supporting Content for XRs for PC and Mobile

In support of the the complete list of Xbox Live Policies for PC and mobile, the following deep-dive content is available for a sub-set of the requirements to support development.

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XR-013: Linking Microsoft Accounts with Publisher Accounts On Xbox One, titles that use partner-hosted services or accounts that require credentials must link that account with the user's Microsoft account.
XR-015: Privacy and Permissions Titles must not transmit user data or allow communication over Xbox Live when the user's privacy & online safety settings do not allow it.
XR-045: Xbox Live and Account Privileges Titles must check whether the active user has certain privileges before completing certain actions.
XR-048: Profile Settings Usage Games must not store user information sourced from Xbox Live, such as profile data, preferences, or display names.
XR-062: Achievement Names and Descriptions Achievement names and descriptions may contain only content that would merit a rating of PEGI 12, ESRB EVERYONE 10+, or lower.
XR-064: Joinable Game Sessions and Online Play On devices other than Xbox consoles, titles which offer cross platform multiplayer with Xbox consoles must enable joins through the Game Bar experience.
XR-067: Maintaining Multiplayer Session State Online multiplayer console titles, and non-console titles which offer cross-platform multiplayer functionality with consoles, must maintain session-state information in MPSD.
XR-074: Loss of Connectivity to Xbox and Partner Services Titles must resolve errors with Xbox Live and partner services connectivity.
XR-132: Service Access Limitations Titles which exceed limits when calling Xbox Live services, or do not adhere to retry policies, may be subjected to rate limiting.