accessReview resource type


APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported.

In the Azure AD access reviews feature, the accessReview represents an access review.


Method Return Type Description
List accessReviews accessReview collection List accessReviews for a businessFlowTemplate.
Get accessReview accessReview Get an access review with a specific id.
Create accessReview accessReview Create a new accessReview.
Update accessReview accessReview Update an accessReview.
Delete accessReview None. Delete an accessReview.
List accessReview reviewers userIdentity collection Get the reviewers of an accessReview.
Add accessReview reviewer None. Add a reviewer to an accessReview.
Remove accessReview reviewer None. Remove a reviewer from an accessReview.
List accessReview decisions accessReviewDecision collection Get the decisions of an accessReview.
List my accessReview decisions accessReviewDecision collection As a reviewer, get my decisions of an accessReview.
Send accessReview reminder None. Send a reminder to the reviewers of an accessReview.
Stop accessReview None. Stop an accessReview.
Reset accessReview decisions None. Reset the decisions in an in-progress accessReview.
Apply accessReview decisions None. Apply the decisions from a completed accessReview.


Property Type Description
id String The feature-assigned unique identifier of an access review.
displayName String The access review name. Required on create.
startDateTime DateTimeOffset The DateTime when the review is scheduled to be start. This could be a date in the future. Required on create.
endDateTime DateTimeOffset The DateTime when the review is scheduled to end. This must be at least one day later than the start date. Required on create.
status String This read-only field specifies the status of an accessReview. The typical states include Initializing, NotStarted, Starting,InProgress, Completing, Completed, AutoReviewing, and AutoReviewed.
description String The description provided by the access review creator, to show to the reviewers.
businessFlowTemplateId String The business flow template identifier. Required on create.
reviewerType String The relationship type of reviewer to the target object, one of self, delegated or entityOwners. Required on create.
createdBy userIdentity The user who created this review.
reviewedEntity identity The object for which the access reviews is reviewing the access rights assignments. This can be the group for the review of memberships of users in a group, or the app for a review of assignments of users to an application. Required on create.
settings microsoft.graph.accessReviewSettings The settings of an accessReview, see type definition below.


Relationship Type Description
reviewers userIdentity collection The collection of reviewers for an access review, if access review reviewerType is of type delegate.
decisions accessReviewDecision collection The collection of decisions for this access review.
myDecisions accessReviewDecision collection The collection of decisions for the caller, if the caller is a reviewer.
instances accessReview collection The collection of access reviews instances past, present and future, if this object is a recurring access review.

Whether these relationships are present on an object, depends upon whether the object is a one-time access review, the series of a recurring access review, or an instance of a recurring access review.

Scenario Has reviewers? Has decisions and myDecisions? Has instances?
One-time access review Yes Yes, once started No
Recurring access review Yes No Yes
Instance of a recurring access review Yes Yes, once started No

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

 "id": "string (identifier)",
 "displayName": "string",
 "startDateTime": "string (timestamp)",
 "endDateTime": "string (timestamp)",
 "status": "string",
 "description": "string",
 "businessFlowTemplateId": "string (identifier)",
 "reviewerType": "string",
 "createdBy": "microsoft.graph.userIdentity",
 "reviewedEntity": "microsoft.graph.identity",
 "settings": "microsoft.graph.accessReviewSettings",
 "reviewers": "Collection(microsoft.graph.userIdentity)"

The accessReviewSettings type

The accessReviewSettings provides additional settings when creating an access review, to control the feature behavior when starting an access review. This type has the following properties:

Property Type Description
mailNotificationsEnabled Boolean Flag to indicate whether sending mails to reviewers and the review creator is enabled.
remindersEnabled Boolean Flag to indicate whether sending reminder emails to reviewers are enabled.
justificationRequiredOnApproval Boolean Flag to indicate whether reviewers are required to provide a justification when reviewing access.
activityDurationInDays Int64 The number of days of user activities to show to reviewers.
autoReviewEnabled Boolean Flag to indicate whether the feature should set a decision if the reviewer did not supply one, for use with auto-apply, is enabled.
autoReviewSettings microsoft.graph.autoReviewSettings Detailed settings for how the feature should set the review decision, for use with auto-apply, described below.
recurrenceSettings microsoft.graph.accessReviewRecurrenceSettings Detailed settings for recurrence, described below.
autoApplyReviewResultsEnabled Boolean Flag to indicate whether auto-apply capability, to automatically change the target object access resource, is enabled. If not enabled, a user must, after the review completes, apply the access review.
accessRecommendationsEnabled Boolean Flag to indicate whether showing recommendations to reviewers is enabled.

The autoReviewSettings type

The autoReviewSettings is embedded within the access review settings, and specifies the behavior for the feature when an access review completes. The type has one property, notReviewedResult.

Property Type Description
notReviewedResult String Must be one of Approve, Deny, or Recommendation.

The accessReviewRecurrenceSettings type

The accessReviewRecurrenceSettings is embedded within the access review settings, and specifies that the access review recurs at regular intervals. This type has the following properties:

Property Type Description
recurrenceType String The recurrence interval, which must be one of onetime, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual.
recurrenceEndType String How the recurrence ends. If it is Never, then there is no explicit end of the recurrence series. If it is endBy, then the recurrence ends at a certain date. If it is occurrences, then the series ends after recurrentCount instances of the review have completed.
durationInDays Int32 The duration in days for recurrence.
recurrenceCount Int32 The count of recurrences, if the value of recurrenceEndType is occurrences, or 0 otherwise.