ChartSeries resource type

Represents a series in a chart.


Method Return Type Description
Get ChartSeries WorkbookChartSeries Read properties and relationships of chartSeries object.
Create ChartPoints ChartPoints Create a new ChartPoints by posting to the points collection.
List points ChartPoints collection Get a ChartPoints object collection.
Update WorkbookChartSeries Update ChartSeries object.
List WorkbookChartSeries collection Get chartSeries object collection.
ItemAt WorkbookChartSeries Retrieves a series based on its position in the collection


Property Type Description
name string Represents the name of a series in a chart.


Relationship Type Description
format WorkbookChartSeriesFormat Represents the formatting of a chart series, which includes fill and line formatting. Read-only.
points WorkbookChartPoint collection Represents a collection of all points in the series. Read-only.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "name": "string"