deviceEnrollmentType enum type

Note: The Microsoft Graph API for Intune requires an active Intune license for the tenant.

Possible ways of adding a mobile device to management.


Member Value Description
unknown 0 Default value, enrollment type was not collected.
userEnrollment 1 User driven enrollment through BYOD channel.
deviceEnrollmentManager 2 User enrollment with a device enrollment manager account.
appleBulkWithUser 3 Apple bulk enrollment with user challenge. (DEP, Apple Configurator)
appleBulkWithoutUser 4 Apple bulk enrollment without user challenge. (DEP, Apple Configurator, Mobile Config)
windowsAzureADJoin 5 Windows 10 Azure AD Join.
windowsBulkUserless 6 Windows 10 Bulk enrollment through ICD with certificate.
windowsAutoEnrollment 7 Windows 10 automatic enrollment. (Add work account)
windowsBulkAzureDomainJoin 8 Windows 10 bulk Azure AD Join.
windowsCoManagement 9 Windows 10 Co-Management triggered by AutoPilot or Group Policy.