deviceEnrollmentFailureReason enum type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Note: The Microsoft Graph API for Intune requires an active Intune license for the tenant.

Top level failure categories for enrollment.


Member Value Description
unknown 0 Default value, failure reason is unknown.
authentication 1 Authentication failed
authorization 2 Call was authenticated, but not authorized to enroll.
accountValidation 3 Failed to validate the account for enrollment. (Account blocked, enrollment not enabled)
userValidation 4 User could not be validated. (User does not exist, missing license)
deviceNotSupported 5 Device is not supported for mobile device management.
inMaintenance 6 Account is in maintenance.
badRequest 7 Client sent a request that is not understood/supported by the service.
featureNotSupported 8 Feature(s) used by this enrollment are not supported for this account.
enrollmentRestrictionsEnforced 9 Enrollment restrictions configured by admin blocked this enrollment.
clientDisconnected 10 Client timed out or enrollment was aborted by enduser.
userAbandonment 11 Enrollment was abandoned by enduser. (Enduser started onboarding but failed to complete it in timely manner)