licenseAssignmentState resource type

The licenseAssignmentStates property of the user entity is a collection of licenseAssignmentState objects. It provides details about license assignments to a user. The details include information such as:

  • What plans are disabled for a user
  • Whether the license was assigned to the user directly or inherited from a group
  • The current state of the assignment
  • Error details if the assignment state is Error


Property Type Description
assignedByGroup string The id of the group that assigns this license. If the assignment is a direct-assigned license, this field will be Null. Read-Only.
disabledPlans Collection(String) The service plans that are disabled in this assignment. Read-Only.
error String License assignment failure error. If the license is assigned successfully, this field will be Null. Read-Only. Possible values: CountViolation, MutuallyExclusiveViolation, DependencyViolation, ProhibitedInUsageLocationViolation, UniquenessViolation, and Others. For more information on how to identify and resolve license assignment errors see here.
skuId String The unique identifier for the SKU. Read-Only.
state String Indicate the current state of this assignment. Read-Only. Possible values: Active, ActiveWithError, Disabled and Error.

JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "assignedByGroup": "String",
  "disabledPlans": "Collection(String)",
  "error": " String ",  
  "skuId": "String ",
  "state": "String"