sharePointSiteUsageDetail resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph


Property Type
reportRefreshDate Date
siteId Guid
siteUrl String
ownerDisplayName String
ownerPrincipalName String
isDeleted Boolean
lastActivityDate Date
fileCount Int64
activeFileCount Int64
pageViewCount Int64
visitedPageCount Int64
storageUsedInBytes Int64
storageAllocatedInBytes Int64
rootWebTemplate String
reportPeriod String

JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "reportRefreshDate": "Date", 
  "siteId": "Guid", 
  "siteUrl": "String", 
  "ownerDisplayName": "String", 
  "ownerPrincipalName": "String", 
  "isDeleted": true, 
  "lastActivityDate": "Date", 
  "fileCount": 1024, 
  "activeFileCount": 1024, 
  "pageViewCount": 1024, 
  "visitedPageCount": 1024, 
  "storageUsedInBytes": 1024, 
  "storageAllocatedInBytes": 1024, 
  "rootWebTemplate": "String", 
  "reportPeriod": "String"