SpecialFolder resource type

The SpecialFolder resource groups special folder-related data items into a single structure.

If a DriveItem has a non-null specialFolder facet, the item represents a special (named) folder. Special folders can be accessed directly via the special folders collection.

Special folders provide simple aliases to access well-known folders without the need to look up the folder by path (which would require localization), or reference the folder with an ID. If a special folder is renamed or moved to another location within the drive, this syntax will continue to return that folder.

Special folders are automatically created the first time an application attempts to write to one, if it doesn't already exist. If a user deletes one, it is recreated when written to again.

Note: If your app has only requested Files.Read scope and requests a special folder that doesn't exist, the response will be a 403 Forbidden error.

JSON representation

  "name": "string"


Property Type Description
name string The unique identifier for this item in the /drive/special collection

Special folders

Here are the special folders available in OneDrive Personal and OneDrive for Business.

Name Folder id Description
App Root approot The application's personal folder. Usually in /Apps/{Application Name}
Camera Roll cameraroll The Camera Roll Backup folder. Not available in OneDrive for Business.
Documents documents The Documents folder.
Music music The Music folder. Not available in OneDrive for Business.
Photos photos The Photos folder.


For more information about the facets on a DriveItem, see DriveItem.