TableColumn resource type

Represents a column in a table.


Method Return Type Description
Get TableColumn WorkbookTableColumn Read properties and relationships of tableColumn object.
Update WorkbookTableColumn Update TableColumn object.
Databodyrange Range Gets the range object associated with the data body of the column.
Headerrowrange Range Gets the range object associated with the header row of the column.
Range Range Gets the range object associated with the entire column.
Totalrowrange Range Gets the range object associated with the totals row of the column.
Delete None Deletes the column from the table.
List WorkbookTableColumn collection Get tableColumn object collection.
Itemat WorkbookTableColumn Gets a column based on its position in the collection.
Add WorkbookTableColumn Adds a new column to the table.


Property Type Description
id string Returns a unique key that identifies the column within the table. This property should be interpreted as an opaque string value and should not be parsed to any other type. Read-only.
index int Returns the index number of the column within the columns collection of the table. Zero-indexed. Read-only.
name string Returns the name of the table column. Read-only.
values Json Represents the raw values of the specified range. The data returned could be of type string, number, or a boolean. Cell that contain an error will return the error string.


Relationship Type Description
filter WorkbookFilter Retrieve the filter applied to the column. Read-only.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "id": 1024,
  "index": 1024,
  "name": "string",
  "values": "json"