Information Protection overview

Microsoft Information Protection helps organizations to classify, label, and protect data based on sensitivity.

Organizations use labels to aid:

  • Users in understanding the importance of information that is being handled.
  • Compliance administrators in discovering where sensitive information lives.
  • Security administrators in deploying data access and data loss prevention policies based on more rich label information.

Why integrate Microsoft Information Protection?

Integrate with the ubiquitous labeling platform, servicing millions of users and devices

More than a million organizations with tens of millions of users use Microsoft Information Protection to classify, label, and protect data. In addition to Microsoft 365, various data loss prevention (DLP) services, business intelligence platforms, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions have embraced Microsoft Information Protection labeling to provide a richer data classification experience.

Label information in line-of-business applications

Enterprise developers use Microsoft Information Protection to label and protect sensitive customer information on export from line-of-business applications to ensure the safety of customer information. Connecting your applications to the Microsoft Information Protection ecosystem enables applications to apply, update, and delete sensitivity labels in your own application data, without the overhead of integrating a full SDK.

What can I do with Microsoft Information Protection label APIs in Microsoft Graph?

Discover labels available to a user or organization

With Microsoft Graph you can access the sensitivity labels available to a user or the organization. Labels are applied by applications and services to data at rest or in motion, helping users and downstream applications and services to understand the sensitivity of the information they're handling.

Understand how to apply labels

By providing information on the existing and desired sensitivity label, the REST API can intelligently inform your application of the actions that should be taken to correctly apply the label. This includes actions such as metadata application, watermark generation, protection, and more.

Interpret labels applied to data

Applications consuming information that already has sensitivity label metadata applied can use the extractLabel API to resolve label metadata to a Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity label. Use the label to identify the actions that should be taken by the application when handling or consuming the labeled data.

API reference

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Next steps

  • Select and try Information Protection labeling sample queries in Graph Explorer. Choose Show more samples in the column on the left. Use the menu to turn on Microsoft Information Protection.