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See highlights of what's new in the recent two months in Microsoft Graph, what's added earlier, and how you can share your ideas. For a detailed list of API-level updates, see the API changelog.


Features, including APIs and tools, in preview status may change without notice, and some may never be promoted to generally available (GA) status. Do not use preview features in production apps.

September 2021: New and generally available

Cloud communications | Online meetings

Use OnlineMeetingArtifact.Read.All as delegated or application permission to read artifacts of online meetings. For more information, see online meetings permissions.


  • Get the details of any virus detected in a driveItem through a malware property.
  • Use the delta function to track changes on not only the root folder but also other folders within a drive.

Identity and access | Directory management

  • Providers of role-based access control (RBAC) can manage roles in Azure Active Directory, by defining role actions that can be performed on specific resources, and assigning roles to users based on such role definitions, giving them the corresponding access to those resources.

Search | Query


  • Use a single action provisionEmail to get the email address of a channel if one exists, or create one otherwise. Use the removeEmail action to remove the email address.

Workbooks and charts

Create table rows asynchronously. For better performance, a good practice to create multiple table rows is to batch them in one create tableRow operation and carry out the operation asynchronously. Follow with the GET workbookOperation operation and tableRowOperationResult function to get the new workbookTableRow resource.

September 2021: New in preview only

Cloud communications | Online meetings

Get the total participant count in a meeting attendance report of an online meeting.

Compliance | eDiscovery

The create case operation always creates cases in large format. This expands the case size limit to accommodate a higher total data volume and total number of items. For details, see benefits of large cases.

Devices and apps | Cloud PC

  • Reprovision a Cloud PC as a cloud-managed virtual desktop enrolled into Intune.
  • Resize a Cloud PC by either upgrading or downgrading it to another configuration with a new virtual CPU (vCPU) and storage size.


Support for adding assignments to only students' calendars if you use the Prefer: include-unknown-enum-members request header for operations on the educationAssignment or educationAssignmentDefaults resource.

Identity and access | Governance

Delete an accessPackageAssignmentRequest to remove a denied or completed request.

Identity and access | Identity and sign-in

Allow users to perform multi-factor authentication using a software OATH token. A software OATH token is a software-based number generator that uses the OATH Time-Based One Time Password (TOTP) standard.

August 2021: New and generally available

Cloud communications | Calls

A participant can include metadata as a blob of data in the roster for a call.

Cloud communications | Online meetings

  • Create an online meeting as a live event, configuring broadcast settings and meeting participant info with the role of producer. See an example.
  • Enable, disable, or limit duration of chat for an online meeting by using the allowMeetingChat property.
  • Enable or disable reactions for an online meeting, by using the allowTeamworkReactions property.
  • Allow an attendee to turn on their camera or microphones by using the allowAttendeeToEnableCamera or allowAttendeeToEnableMic property respectively.

Cloud communications | Presence

Devices and apps | Corporate management

Intune monthly updates for the v1.0 version. Set the Date filter for August, 2021, and look for a section with this same heading.

Devices and apps | Service health and communications

GA of the service communications API in Microsoft Graph to access the health status and message center posts about Microsoft cloud services.

Identity and access | Governance

Get a collection of access review scopes that is used to define reviewers and fallback reviewers for an instance of access reviews.

Sites and lists | Taxonomy

Access the SharePoint term store taxonomy, the hierarchy that consists of group, set, and term resources, and relation resources between terms.


List chats that a user is part of, in a delegated context.

August 2021: New in preview only

Cloud communications | Calls

  • Put a participant on hold and play music in the background, by using the startHoldMusic action.
  • Reincorporate a participant previously put on hold to a call, by using the stopHoldMusic action.

Cloud communications | Online meetings

Set an online meeting to record automatically.

Devices and apps | Cloud PC

End the grace period for a Cloud PC. The grace period lets users access Cloud PCs up to seven days before de-provisioning occurs. Ending the grace period immediately deprovisions the Cloud PC without waiting the seven days.

Devices and apps | Corporate management

Intune monthly updates for the beta version. Set the Date filter for August, 2021, and look for a section with this same heading.

Identity and access | Governance

Identity and access | Identity and sign-in



Use the last interactive and non-interactive sign-in date/time values of users' signInActivity to manage inactive accounts.

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