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See highlights of what's new in the recent two months in Microsoft Graph, what's added earlier, and how you can share your ideas. For a detailed list of API-level updates, see the API changelog.


Features, including APIs and tools, in preview status may change without notice, and some may never be promoted to generally available (GA) status. Do not use preview features in production apps.

October 2020: New in preview only

Identity and access | Identity and sign-in

  • Manage authentication method policies to identify users who can use specific multi-factor authentication methods to sign into Azure Active Directory. Configure policies to define the following:
    • The types of FIDO2 security keys that can be used in the Azure AD tenant.
    • The users or groups of users who are allowed to use FIDO2 Security Keys or Passwordless Phone Sign-in to sign in to Azure AD.
  • Configure an email authentication method for users to self-serve password resets.
  • Use Azure AD B2C and choose a mechanism to configure and let end users authenticate via local accounts.
  • Use Policy.ReadWrite.AuthenticationMethod to read or write an organization's authentication method policies, as a delegated permission on behalf of a signed-in user, or as an application permission without a signed-in user present.
  • Specify in an authorization policy if and who can invite external users to an organization.

September 2020: New and generally available


GA of the transactionId property of the event resource, which is optionally set by a client app to avoid redundant POST operations in case of client retries to create the same event. This is useful when low network connectivity causes the client to time out before receiving a response from the server for the client's prior create-event request.

Cloud communications

Delete a participant from a call. You can use this operation even in situations where it's necessary to delete a participant from an active call.

Devices and apps | Corporate management

Intune September updates for the v1.0 version.

Identity and access | Directory management

GA of the administrative units API that allow organizations to subdivide their Azure Active Directory, manage and delegate administrative duties to these subdivisions. These subdivisions can represent regions, departments, cost centers, and so on.


Get a report that includes the count of unique users for Outlook 2019 and for Outlook on Microsoft 365.


Use the SDKs

GA of the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK which enables access to the entire surface of Microsoft Graph in a straightforward and consistent way.

Use the Toolkit

Try the new step-by-step getting-started tutorials for Microsoft Graph Toolkit and experience the convenience the toolkit brings:


Aside from getting the SMTP address of a user through the mail property, you can now set that property and update the user's email address.

September 2020: New in preview only


Create, list, or delete classifications of delegated permissions that a service principal exposes. Use delegated permission classifications in combination with user consent settings to set limits on when end-users are allowed to grant consent to apps.

Cloud communications

  • Deprecation of the autoAdmittedUsers property of onlineMeeting. Instead, use the new lobbyBypassSettings property and its values.
  • Use additional settings about announcing callers joining or leaving an online meeting (isEntryExitAnnounced property), and allowing specific presenters in the meeting (allowedPresenters property).

Devices and apps | Cloud printing

Devices and apps | Corporate management

Intune September updates for the beta version.

Identity and access | Directory management

Identity and access | Governance

Be able to include a schedule when requesting or removing an assignment of a user to an access package, that specifies access to groups, applications, or SharePoint sites.

Identity and access | Identity and sign-in

Organizations can get or update a continuous access evaluation policy to manage authentication sessions in real time.


  • Get the date/time at which a Teams channel or team is created.

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