Groove Music API overview

The Groove Music API makes it easy for you to connect your app or website to the world of Groove. The Groove Music API provides access to RESTful web services that offer many features and generate useful data:

  • It is compatible with the Microsoft Affiliate Program that encompasses both streaming premium subscriptions and on-demand purchases.
  • A best in class image service.
  • Streaming that can be integrated on any platform or browser.
  • In addition to PC and mobile, you can reach Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

In this section

Getting Started with the Groove SDK
       Provides scenarios in various environments for using the Groove service.
SDK and Helpers
      Sample code and other software to use the Groove RESTful API.
      Describes how to use the Groove Music RESTful API.
Affiliate Program
      Describes how to work with Groove Music service affiliates.
Groove Service REST Reference
      Delivers Groove functionality to third-party application developers
      Frequently-Asked Questions about the Groove Music API
      Terms of Use of the Groove Music API
      Developer support for the Groove Music API
      Notice about our collection and use of your personal information.