ContentItem (JSON)

A piece of content (either an Album or an Artist).


The ContentItem object has the following specification.

Member Type Description
Type ItemType The type of the content element wrapped in this item.
Album Album Album item if Type is Albums, null otherwise
Artist Artist Artist item if Type is Artists, null otherwise

Sample JSON syntax

  "Type": "Artists",
  "Artist": {
    "Genres": [
    "Subgenres": [
      "Dance Pop"
    "Id": "music.26BA0500-0200-11DB-89CA-0019B92A3933",
    "Name": "Miley Cyrus",
    "ImageUrl": "",
    "Link": "",
    "OtherIds": {
      "music.amg": "P   823418"
    "Source": "Catalog",
    "CompatibleSources": "Catalog, Collection"


Groove Service REST Reference