PlaylistActionResponse (JSON)

The output element for every playlist action request: create, update, and delete.

Contains an optional Error field if the operation or some sub-operations failed, and an object describing which sub-operations failed and which succeeded.


The PlaylistActionResponse object has the following specification.

Member Type Description
Error Error Optional. Error if the operation or some sub-operations failed.
PlaylistActionResult PlaylistActionResult Details on the playlist action.

Sample JSON syntax

  "PlaylistActionResult": {
    "Id": "music.playlist.56c99764-800a-00fe-552f-ee11db9370d1",
    "TrackActionResults": [
        "InputId": "music.AQQfj2DtARB5ZkGFCMHea2k8Xge5PqgAAQ"
        "InputId": "music.2DEBEA07-0100-11DB-89CA-0019B92A3933",
        "Id": "music.AQQfDfTrflAB2k60n3MOVkAyXQfq6y0AAQ"


Groove Service REST Reference