POST (/1/content/{namespace}/collection/playlists/delete)

Delete a playlist of a user.


The full delete request is composed of mandatory and optional URL parts and query parameters. A request containing all parameters would resemble the following string:

POST /1/content/{namespace}/collection/playlists/delete

Authorization: Bearer [...]

For parameters common to every Groove RESTful API, see Parameters common to every Groove RESTful API. For a table of error codes, see Error (JSON). For HTTP status codes, see Groove RESTful API HTTP Status Codes.

You can delete only one playlist at a time. Provide the ID of the playlist to delete; all other metadata will be ignored.

User authentication is mandatory for this API.


Request object: PlaylistAction (JSON).

Response object: PlaylistActionResponse (JSON).

Delete a playlist


This API can delete a playlist by providing its ID (obtained from an earlier Browse Playlist call).

POST /1/content/music/collection/playlists/delete

Authorization: Bearer eyJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDK0hTMjU2Iiw[...]
Content-Type: application/json

  "Id": "music.playlist.2071a9ce-8004-00fe-c91b-436f68384ad1"


  "PlaylistActionResult": {
    "Id": "music.playlist.2071a9ce-8004-00fe-c91b-436f68384ad1"


Groove Service REST Reference