POST (/1/content/{namespace}/collection/delete)

Delete tracks from a user's collection.


User authentication is mandatory for this API.

For parameters common to every Groove RESTful API, see Parameters common to every Groove RESTful API. For a table of error codes, see Error (JSON). For HTTP status codes, see Groove RESTful API HTTP Status Codes.

Response object

TrackActionResponse (JSON)

URI parameters

The Delete Tracks request is composed of mandatory URL parts and query parameters, described in the table below. A Delete Tracks request containing all parameters would look like the following string:

POST /1/content/{namespace}/collection/delete

Authorization: Bearer [...]
Parameter Type Description
namespace string Required. The namespace to browse (music for example).
accessToken string A valid developer authentication Access Token, used to identify the 3rd party application using the Groove APIs.

A valid user authentication token is also required in the Authorization header to access the user's collection.


Request object: TrackActionRequest (JSON).

Response object: TrackActionResponse (JSON).

Delete tracks from collection

In this example we delete a valid track (which is in the user's collection), and an invalid one (randomly-generated ID).


POST /1/content/music/collection/delete

Authorization: Bearer eyJlbmMiOiJB[...]

Content-Type: application/json

  "TrackIds": [


  "TrackActionResults": [
      "InputId": "music.9BB2C5C5-455C-4C15-827C-F9BFD759A458",
      "Error": {
        "ErrorCode": "COLLECTION-INVALID-ID",
        "Description": "Invalid collection id for this operation"
      "InputId": "music.AQQfjl2zcVUd602kG1MvCy4e-Ae-QZkAAQ"
  "Error": {
    "Description": "Some of the operations failed"


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