GET (/1/content/{id}/preview)

Request preview streaming.


The preview streaming request is composed of mandatory and optional URL parts and query parameters. A preview request containing all parameters would resemble the following string:

GET /1/content/{}/preview?country={country}&clientInstanceId={clientInstanceId} &contentType={contentType}

Authorization: Bearer [...]

For parameters common to every Groove RESTful API, see Parameters common to every Groove RESTful API. For a table of error codes, see Error (JSON). For HTTP status codes, see Groove RESTful API HTTP Status Codes.

Response object

StreamResponse (JSON)

Query string parameters

Parameter Type Description
clientInstanceId string Required. Unique client identifier. Should be persisted client-side. Can be from 32 to 128 characters long.


Preview example


GET /1/content/music.A83EB907-0100-11DB-89CA-0019B92A3933/preview?clientInstanceId=fa624b17-412c-454a-a5a5-950bb06ae019

Authorization: Bearer [...]


  "Url": "",
  "ContentType": "audio/mp3"


Groove Service REST Reference