Sacha Kley
Sacha Kley
11/2/2016 1 min to read

First, please check that your question is not already answered in the FAQ. Then please adress your question on StackOverflow or directly through Github. If you don't get an answer, you may get technical support from

If your project does not fall under our current Terms of Use (including but not limited to commercial use, making Groove Music services accessible on a new device, creating a game or syncing the music with other media), please contact us to enter into a business conversation at groovepartners [@]

Data to provide

When contacting the API team, please make sure you provide enough data to allow us to efficiently troubleshoot your problem.

If your problem involves a specific API request, please send us a Fiddler trace containing the request and response.

If for some reason you cannot provide such a trace, please include the request and response details. You should at least include the response "MS-CV" header value and the timestamp of the issue (in UTC time).