Create your first Healthcare Bot

This Quickstart guide will walk you through creating your first Healthcare Bot.

You will receive your white-labeled bot instance that can be embedded within your app or website. You can customize the built-in functionality and extend to introduce your own business flows through simple and intuitive visual editing tools

If you don't have an Azure subscription, create a free account before you begin.

  1. Go to Azure Marketplace and Try out Microsoft Healthcare Bot instance for free

  2. Sign into the Azure portal with your Azure credentials and select Create

  3. In the Healthcare Bot Service blade, provide the requested information about your bot as specified in the table below and select Subscribe | Setting | Suggested value | Description | --- | --- | --- | | Name | Bot resource name | The unique name of your bot instance | | Subscription | Your subscription | Select the Azure subscription you want to use | | Resource Group | myResourceGroup | You can create a new resource group or choose from an existing one | | Resource Group Location | Your resporce group location | Select the geographic location for your resource group. Your Resource group location choice can be any location listed, Note that this is not the location of your Bot instance which will be configured in section 6. | Plans | Free | Selected your pricing plan. read here for more details

  4. Once your deployment is completed select Go To Resource

  5. You will then need to complete configuration of your instance select Configure Account

  6. Provide the name of your Healthcare Bot and the preferred location and select Create | Setting | Suggested value | Description | --- | --- | --- | | Bot Display Name | Bot resource name | The display name for the bot that appears in the conversations. This name can be changed at anytime. | | Location | Your instance location | Note that the it's best to choose a location closest to your customer. The location cannot be changed once the bot is created |

Once your instance is fully deployed, you will be directed to the Microsoft Healthcare Bot service Management Portal.

Update your Healthcare Bot setting

Bot admins can manage various of setting including the plan via Microsoft Healthcare Bot admins portal

Next steps

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