Choosing the right Healthcare Bot plan

The Healthcare Bot Service plans are structured around the number of messages that go through your bot instance. Messages are counted for each side of the communication. This means that a single back-and-forth interaction of a user with the bot, where a user says something and the bot answers, accounts for 2 messages: one messages from the user to the bot, and one message from the bot to the user.

For choosing the right plan, choose the plan that reflects the number of messages you expect your bot to have per month.

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To predict the number of messages going through your bot instance in a month, ask the following questions: How many unique active users per month do you expect your bot instance to have? This will probably be derived from your overall user base and will depend on how you intent to expose your bot instance to your users. How many times per month on average would an active user come to talk to your bot? Let’s refer to this number as an encounter. How many back-and-forth interactions on average would an encounter with your bot instance involve? This depends on the complexity and length of the flows you have designed into your bot instance, where each back-and-forth interaction will represent 2 messages.

Given the estimations for the above questions, you can calculate the expected number of messages per month that would go through your bot instance in total on average:

Total Monthly Messages = Expected Number of Unique Active Users X Number of Monthly Encounters per Active User X Number of Back-and-forth Interactions per Encounter X 2 messages


A bot instance that enables symptom checking and additional custom flows is exposed to a user base of 50,000 users per month. The customer expects to have 3% of those users interacting with it on a monthly basis, which would be 1,500 unique active users per month. The customer expects that each unique active user will come to talk to the bot 3 times a month. Those would be the expected encounters. The customer designed the bot instance in a way that the average number of back-and-forth interactions is 10 on average, meaning 20 messages per encounter on average. The expected total number of monthly messages for this bot instance would be 1,500 X 3 X 10 X 2 = 90,000 expected messages on average. Therefore, a plan supporting 100,000 messages per month would be a suitable choice for this type of traffic.

Throughout the month the system will provide information about your messages consumption related to the quota supported by the plan you chose, as well as other telemetry and analytics that would allow you to adjust your calculations. It is common that customers use the lower quota plans in the earlier stages of the bot development phase, and upgrade when they go into real world testing and production. The system may notify your admin when the quota is near exhaustion, allowing you to upgrade to a plan supporting higher number of messages, if you choose to upgrade.

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Update your Healthcare Bot plan

Bot admins can manage various of setting including the plan via Microsoft Healthcare Bot admins portal

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