End user terms & consents requirements for Microsoft Health Bot Service Preview

Customer are required to obtain consent from all end users to the use of the Health Bot Service and the transmission of Data to Microsoft (and Microsoft’s use of the Data) according to the following:

Customer end user consents

Customer will give end users prominent notice of Customer’s privacy policy and obtain consent from all end users to these Terms.

  1. Such privacy policy, at a minimum, must include a full, accurate, and clear disclosure regarding the collection and use of Data through the Customer Application, including notifying and obtaining consent from end users who own or have an interest in Data that Data will be provided to Microsoft for purposes of this Agreement.

  2. If a Customer Application connects with or extracts or exchanges Data from any other service (third party or Microsoft), Customer will obtain consent from the end user for the access and transmission of such Data to Microsoft (and to Microsoft’s use of such Data) in accordance with these Terms.

Customer end user terms

Customer must enter into a legally binding agreement with end users that:

  1. Disclaims any representations or warranties (express, implied, statutory, or otherwise), on behalf of Microsoft and its suppliers.

  2. Disclaims any support or other obligations on the part of Microsoft or its suppliers with respect to the Health Bot Service

  3. Includes a limitation of liability and exclusion of consequential damages no less protective of Microsoft than the limitation of liability and exclusion of consequential damages

  4. Includes a disclaimer in substantially the following form (or such other form as is reasonably proposed by Customer and agreed to in writing by Microsoft): Health Bot Service Disclaimer & Acknowledgment

Configure end user concents options

You can control privacy, terms, and enablement options in the User Consent category of the configuration tab: