Data Interoperability and the HealthVault platform

HealthVault: A platform for healthcare innovation

Microsoft HealthVault is a platform designed to put people in control of their health data. It helps them collect, store, and share health information with family members and participating healthcare providers, and it provides people with a choice of third-party applications and devices to help them manage things such as fitness, diet, and health. HealthVault also provides a privacy-enhanced and security-enhanced foundation on which a broad ecosystem of providers—from medical providers and health and wellness device manufacturers to health associations—can build innovative new health and wellness management solutions to help put people in control of their and their family’s health.

Promoting interoperability

Developers and solution providers are making strategic choices to deliver innovative healthcare and wellness solutions on the HealthVault platform. Developing on any platform is a commitment in the form of time, people, and code, and we want our developers and solution providers to know that developing on the HealthVault platform is a smart choice: a choice that affords them the flexibility to develop using the languages and frameworks they know best. Microsoft is committed to enabling interoperability—connecting people, data, and diverse systems to enable customers to own their data and to enable vendors to build innovative solutions that work in a multi-vendor environment. Interoperability of healthcare information systems is a significant challenge, but one that we’ve identified as a top priority.

Learn more about HealthVault's interoperability with industry standards here:

HealthVault XML interfaces and the Microsoft Community Promise

Microsoft has released the HealthVault XML interfaces under the Microsoft Community Promise (CP). The CP is a simple and clear way to help enable developers and customers who are working with commercial or open source software to implement specifications through a simplified method of sharing of technical assets, while recognizing the legitimacy of intellectual property. With this information, third parties have everything they need to recreate and reimplement the HealthVault service.

Download page for the Microsoft HealthVault Service Specification.

HealthVault SDKs and samples

Microsoft is committed to providing developers with easy access to HealthVault through comprehensive SDKs and samples. We have open-sourced samples onto GitHub. In addition, we are accepting contributions from the community with a standard contribution license agreement.