Technical overview: applications


A HealthVault-integrated application is permitted to call the production service APIs in order to read and write health data. The onboarding process is as follows:

Development tools

HealthVault provides an XML-based web service API. Interactive technical documentation can be found on this site. However, most applications will use a software development kit (SDK) instead of the native XML API. HealthVault supports a variety of SDKs for common platforms such as .NET and Windows 8 RT. An SDK makes it easier to execute scenarios such as uploading large chunks of data.

Go-live process

The go-live process is series of steps to validate and approve an application. This is necessary because HealthVault applications have access to sensitive information and must be implemented in a manner that protects patients and the integrity of the service.

  • The developer signs a solution provider agreement with the HealthVault business team.
  • The developer completes a walkthrough and profile of the application for review by the HealthVault team.
  • The developer schedules a go-live review during which the application is demonstrated.
  • HealthVault enables the application to call the production service APIs.

Learn more with the go-live guide.

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Technical Overview

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