Technical overview: exchanging data

Reading and writing data

HealthVault provides an XML-based web service API with two methods for reading and writing data: GetThings and PutThings. The GetThings method is used to execute queries and return stored data. The PutThings method is used to create and update data. For more information, see querying data and writing data.

In the .NET SDK this functionality can be found in the following classes:

HealthVault also offers a REST API for certain scenarios. More information about the HealthVault REST API is available here:

Polling for changes

The service API provides a method called GetUpdatedRecordsForApplication. This method returns a list of records that have changed since a specified date. The application can then query each record to determine the changes. In the .NET SDK:


Alternately, an application can use receive notifications of changes through the eventing API. See eventing for more information about an event-driven approach to detecting changes.

Technical overview