Why create HealthVault-enabled applications?

Microsoft HealthVault allows people to store and transfer information between a variety of health-related applications, devices, services, and even clinical systems. As a platform, HealthVault makes it easy for you to build an online tool for your community members.

Why should you create HealthVault-enabled applications?

Create new business opportunities

Deliver more value to your customers and members. Whether it's helping a community of chronic disease sufferers or driving interest in a charitable organization, more value can mean tighter relationships and greater adherence to treatment (or giving) plans.

Quickly deliver value to your members

HealthVault provides a set of services that you can use to quickly develop apps for people with a specific condition or interest area or those who are interested in tracking health and fitness. By building apps natively on the HealthVault platform, solution providers can benefit from the storage capacity of Microsoft. HealthVault accounts are access-controlled, high-availability storage, which we scale as needed.

Bring increased traffic and visibility

Join the community. All live HealthVault-enabled solutions can be listed in the HealthVault Apps & Devices Directory.

What exactly are you delivering to your customers or members?

The power to share their health info with trusted family, friends, or health professionals.

Your users control any data that they upload to HealthVault from your app, and can then share it with their doctor and other caregivers. They can also use this data in other HealthVault-compatible apps, enriching their end-to-end experience.

Good tools to make good sense out of data at their fingertips.

A growing number of HealthVault-enabled health and fitness devices are helping more people collect informative health data. By integrating your app with HealthVault, you can enable users to interact with their device data using your app as the interface.

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