Process for becoming a HealthVault solution provider

Thank you for your interest in HealthVault. Microsoft is making significant investments in healthcare technology to bring even greater value and benefits to our partners and customers.

In the near term, we are continuing to support our current Solutions Partners but are not onboarding new HealthVault Solutions Providers.

There are four phases to becoming a HealthVault Solution Provider:

  1. Learn – Learn about HealthVault (FAQs)
  2. Develop – Design and build a HealthVault-compatible application, device or mobile connection
  3. Contract – Sign a Solution Provider Agreement and Order Sheet
  4. Go-Live – Get your application up and running and deploy to your market

What is HealthVault?

Microsoft HealthVault is a cloud-based platform designed to put people in control of their health data.

HealthVault helps people collect, store, and share health information with trusted friends and family members. HealthVault connects with a variety of third-party applications, devices and services to help people communicate with their healthcare providers and manage and use their fitness, diet, and health data.

HealthVault offers a privacy- and security-enhanced personal data foundation for a broad ecosystem of solution providers, device manufacturers, and developers to offer innovative new health and wellness management solutions.

HealthVault provides a unique, feature-rich development platform for consumer and patient engagement. HealthVault offers:

  • A Microsoft platform for health information and innovation
  • Cloud service and storage of account-holders’ personal health records
  • Built-in functionality for privacy, security, and data provenance
  • Vendor neutrality
  • A flexible health data type system that supports data interoperability
  • Device connectivity

Why should I become a HealthVault solution provider?

When you create an application that works with HealthVault, you can deliver richer experiences to your users while lowering your costs by leveraging our investments in storage and authentication, and reducing the need for multiple program interfaces. HealthVault enables solution providers to:

  • Leverage the storage platform and connectivity services

    HealthVault provides a set of services that solution providers can use to more rapidly build and scale their applications. By building applications natively on the HealthVault platform, solution providers enable users to take advantage of free Microsoft storage services, eliminating the need for personal data storage in the solution. HealthVault records are access-controlled, high-availability storage managed under Microsoft security policies, which we scale as needed.

  • Create new business opportunities

    HealthVault gives providers a unique ability to access a single platform that, with the user's permission, can bring together lab values, device data, medication information, and more, from multiple sources. Innovative applications can provide individuals and caregivers new ways to better manage their health and fitness. When you create a HealthVault-compatible application, you make it easy for your users to use and add to health information that they've already stored and recorded. This ease of use can motivate users to sign up for, and use, your services.

Learn - Frequently asked questions

What is a solution provider agreement?

HealthVault offers the following business relationship option:

  1. Reseller Agreement – This agreement applies to companies who will connect an application to HealthVault and resell the combined solution to non-end-user customers.

This form will put you in contact with our business development team, who can help you understand the business agreements and fees associated with connecting to HealthVault. Before getting in touch here, we encourage your team to explore the introductory documents and sample code here. Doing so will put us in a much better position to quickly have a productive discussion.

How much does it cost to access Microsoft resources about developing a HealthVault-enabled application?

The HealthVault SDK is publicly available to developers at no cost. We encourage your team to explore the introductory documents and sample code here.

Is HealthVault secure?

A commitment to the privacy and security of users’ information is the foundation upon which HealthVault was built.

Since HealthVault is controlled by the user, sending information to a HealthVault record can be an additional way for healthcare providers to transfer information to their patients, replacing or supplementing mail, fax, DVD, and similar methods.

HealthVault is governed by strict privacy policy that can be found here.

See Microsoft HealthVault, HIPAA and HITECH for information about HealthVault and HIPAA.

See Microsoft HealthVault and Data Protection Requirements for information about HealthVault and the European Data Protection regulations.

Is HealthVault available outside of the United States?

Yes! HealthVault is now available nearly worldwide and is adding new languages often. To explore opportunities for a specific country/region, you can explore HealthVault’s territory information or inquire here and our International Business Development Team will be notified of your request.

What Marketing support does HealthVault offer?

Application providers have the option of posting information that links to their own websites, in the HealthVault App & Device directory.

Microsoft provides pre-approved descriptions and materials about HealthVault. Any additional descriptions that a provider may want to present should be reviewed by Microsoft.

Due to the high volume and variety of marketing requests, please complete this form and our Marketing team will review and determine if we can support your request.

I don't have the technical expertise to develop an application, can Microsoft help me?

The HealthVault team does not build customer applications. However, there are a variety of consultants who have experience developing HealthVault-enabled applications.

I am a doctor, how can I connect with my patients via HealthVault?

HealthVault lets patients store health information from many sources, access a range of health and fitness apps, upload data from health and fitness devices, and share health information with those they trust.

HealthVault can help healthcare providers:

  • Improve patient satisfaction through easier communication
  • Manage practice overhead by exchanging information (including medical images) with patients electronically

HealthVault can help you share, collaborate, and engage with your patients in new ways.

To find out the full array of options, please see how healthcare providers can benefit from HealthVault.

Can HealthVault be used for research or academic purposes?

Any company can develop a HealthVault-compatible application, including those in research and academia. Keep in mind that the operating and security requirements are unchanged. HealthVault does not sell patient data for any reason and maintains end user controls under a strong privacy statement. In other words, end users have the choice to opt in to sharing their data.


HealthVault is an open platform where developers and customers can build their own applications that leverage the HealthVault architecture. While Microsoft provides tools for developers who would like to build HealthVault-enabled applications (via the Microsoft Developers network), customers are responsible for developing or licensing their applications. The following links are to MSDN and are relevant for a technical audience.

If you do not have the technical expertise or capacity to build your own HealthVault-enabled application, there are HealthVault consultants who have experience creating HealthVault-enabled applications for clients. Some of these consultants can be found on the consultant directory.


Before your connection can go live, you will need to contact a member of the HealthVault Business Development team to complete a HealthVault solution provider agreement and associated order form.

You should have:

  1. Learned about the benefits of HealthVault and its functionality.
  2. Downloaded the HealthVault SDK.
  3. Created and tested a version of your HealthVault-compatible application in a pre-production environment.
  4. Reviewed the HealthVault operating and security standards.

You should be ready to review the option of a Reseller partnership and sign the required contract and order form.

If you are ready to discuss your HealthVault-enabled application, please contact a member of our HealthVault Business Development team.

Go-live with HealthVault

Once you have completed and executed a solution provider agreement and associated order form with our business development team and developed a HealthVault-enabled application that works in a pre-production environment, you are ready to begin the Go-Live Review process.

This entire Go-Live process typically takes two to four weeks, depending upon how closely you have followed the instructions and guidelines below. Note that the HealthVault Go-Live team cannot schedule a review meeting until we have received the Application Information data sheet and the Walkthrough document. Also, the application cannot be HealthVault-enabled without meeting the requirements.

The details of the HealthVault Go-Live process are posted  here and consists of a few key components:

  1. Application Configuration Review - Use the Application Configuration Center to be sure you have all details added to your configuration
  2. HealthVault Integration and Branding Review - Schedule a review with the HealthVault team on your integration and use of HealthVault branding. Ensure your application follows the HealthVault brand guidelines.
  3. Customer Support Integration - Provide application support contact information so that Microsoft Customer Support can refer your customers to the right place
  4. Application Discoverability - List your solution in the application directory