HealthVault territories

As of April 2017

This Territory is based on the current HealthVault platform and Microsoft operation, and subject to change as detailed in your agreement for HealthVault Connectivity.  It does not reflect any opinion about regulations that apply to Applications in any country/region. You must independently verify regulations that apply to you and your Application before entering any new market.

Territory.  Microsoft prohibits Customers and Resellers from marketing Applications or HealthVault Connectivity in the following countries:

  • Canada (contact TELUS about connecting with TELUS health space in Canada)
  • France
  • or where prohibited by U.S. export law. Microsoft export information is available at As of the date above, this includes:
    • Cuba
    • Iran
    • North Korea
    • Sudan
    • Syria

Application Language. The Application’s interface for Users must not include languages that are not also available in HealthVault (the Application’s User instructions, notices, legal agreement and privacy statement must be in a language that HealthVault is also in).

Local requirements. Countries/regions’ requirements on issues such as medical device registration, privacy, and healthcare standards are very specific to the type of product or service, how it is to be used, and how it is marketed. Microsoft does not advise on law and regulations. Customers should do their own evaluation of requirements that may apply to their Application for the countries/regions they are considering operating in. Consider finding legal advisors with international expertise or located in the relevant market, or consultants who specialize in that subject. For example, some companies such as Emergo Group track medical device regulations in multiple countries/regions.

Microsoft prioritizes regions where we plan to directly market HealthVault. If you are considering business in a country/region that may have language or other specific needs HealthVault has not addressed, contact us to discuss whether we might allocate resources in that area.

Access restrictions. If you choose to technically block download or signup to your application based on user location, you are responsible for deciding on and implementing an appropriate method. Microsoft is not responsible for restricting user access to applications.

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