Updating a HealthVault-integrated application

This guide describes the process of updating an application that has already been deployed using the go-live guide.

Update steps

  1. Finalize your configuration in the Application Configuration Center (ACC).
  2. Update your application walkthrough document to reflect changes to your signup workflow.
  3. Contact the HealthVault go-live team at  hvgolive@microsoft.com to request a review of your changes.

Timetable to expect

  • Allow two to three business days for simple configuration changes.
  • Allow two weeks for significant changes that impact the signup workflow.

Microsoft HealthVault Solution Provider Agreement

There is therefore no need to reconnect with the HealthVault Business Development team unless you wish to discuss additional partnership ideas or if you want to add master-child access to your application configuration (a special addendum to the agreement is needed in order to use the master-child API).

Application discoverability

Consider updating the text or screenshots in your existing Application Directory entry.  You can request an update to your directory entry during the App Review process described above.