Use HealthVault's emergency preparedness scenario

HealthVault has a number of features centered around emergency preparedness scenarios.

Emergency prep signup flow

There is an alternate sign-up flow for HealthVault that walks users through entering the data required to complete an emergency profile. This sign-up flow can be accessed through a new eprep=true parameter on the Shell CREATEACCOUNT redirect target. See shell redirect interface .

Emergency profile

There is a new 'Emergency Profile' section on the HealthVault website. The data in a user's emergency profile consists of the following data types:

  • Allergies
  • Conditions
  • Contacts
  • Medications (current, based on discontinued-date)
  • Medical Devices

A user’s emergency profile can be accessed be applications by requesting those data types through the standard platform and SDK methods.

Integrating with HealthVault

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