Information tab

To access the Information tab, click the Application ID link on the home page. On the information tab you can configure general information for your Application ID. This includes the information about your application’s name, description, reason to authorize your application, and so on.

Application Name: Set your application name here.

Description: Should accurately describe the functionality of your application. Suggested length is less than 200 characters.

Auth reason: This field is deprecated, please use the why string in auth rules instead.

Logo: Should be no larger than 120×60 pixels and 120 KB.

We recommend that the logo image be twice as wide as it is high. In the case where your logo does not match those dimensions, we suggest using the PNG or GIF formats and applying a transparent background. This will prevent any stretching/skewing and provide a consistent look across all page background colors.

Action URL: Must be protected by HTTPS. The URL you enter in this field must begin with HTTPS (not HTTP) to enable secure communication between all clients and servers. The page you specify in this field must be capable of understanding the targets that can be passed. Mandatory targets include Privacy and ServiceAgreement (if you are using the Privacy Statement and Terms of Use down below then you can ignore these targets), both of these should be reachable by a consumer who is not signed-in, and AppAuthSuccess which is required for your HealthVault integration. For more information, see the Interacting with ActionURL how-to guide. Your Solution Provider Agreement will include requirements for privacy commitments and how you display your privacy statement in your application.

Privacy Statement and Terms of Use: You can set the privacy statement and terms of use from here and if you set this then it will override corresponding privacy statement and terms of use pages derived from the Action URL. It is recommended to derive the pages from Action URL since Configuration Center doesn’t support html contents for these fields.

Patient Connect Success Message: The message to display to the user when direct to clinical authorization completes successfully.

Show: Inherited Protected