Find and save files on HoloLens

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Files you create on HoloLens, including Office documents, photos, and videos, are saved to your HoloLens. To view and manage them, you can use the File Explorer app on HoloLens or File Explorer on your PC. To sync photos and other files to the cloud, use the OneDrive app on HoloLens.

View files on HoloLens

Use File Explorer on HoloLens to view and manage files on your device, including 3D objects, documents, and pictures. Go to Start > All apps > File Explorer on HoloLens to get started.


If there are no files listed in File Explorer, select This Device in the top left pane.

View HoloLens files on your PC

To see your HoloLens files in File Explorer on your PC:

  1. Sign in to HoloLens, then plug it into the PC using the USB cable that came with the HoloLens.

  2. Select Open Device to view files with File Explorer, or open File Explorer on the PC and navigate to the device.


To see info about your HoloLens, right-click the device name in File Explorer on your PC, then select Properties.

Sync to the cloud

To sync photos and other files from your HoloLens to the cloud, install and set up OneDrive on HoloLens. To get OneDrive, search for it in the Microsoft Store on your HoloLens.


HoloLens doesn't back up app files and data, so it's a good idea to save your important stuff to OneDrive. That way, if you reset your device or uninstall an app, your info will be backed up.