Insider preview for Microsoft HoloLens

Welcome to the latest Insider Preview builds for HoloLens! It's simple to get started and provide valuable feedback for our next major operating system update for HoloLens.

We recommend that for organizations that have moved, or are moving towards a scale production deployment, that a subset of test devices are kept on Insider builds to validate that new features and new builds work as expected.

Windows Insider Release Notes

Looking for a new feature but don't see it? Check out the release notes as many of our new features have been released as part of the main builds.

Upcoming Fixes and Improvements

  • In-box OpenXR code updated. This is to provide best out-of-box experience for customers without Microsoft store access.

Start receiving Insider builds

  1. If you haven’t updated recently, please reboot your device to update state and get the latest build.
    1. The “Reboot device” voice command works well.
    2. You can also choose the restart button in Settings/Windows Insider Program.
  2. On a HoloLens 2 device go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program and select Get started.
  3. Link the account you used to register as a Windows Insider.


Once you enroll a device into Insider builds it is highly suggested you keep a set of test devices enrolled in Insider builds. This allows your organization to more easily validate builds as they come out. This makes for an easier experience and helps incase your normal production devices are blocked from insider builds.


In order to enroll your device in Insider builds, you'll need to enable optional telemetry. If you have not done this already, open the Settings app and select Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback and then select Optional diagnostics data.

Windows insider is now moving to Channels. The Fast ring will become the Dev Channel, the Slow ring will become the Beta Channel, and the Release Preview ring will become the Release Preview Channel. Here’s what that mapping looks like:

Windows Insider Channels explanation.

For more information, see Introducing Windows Insider Channels on Windows Blogs. Then, select Active development of Windows, choose whether you'd like to receive Dev Channel or Beta Channel builds, and review the program terms. Select Confirm > Restart Now to finish up. After your device has rebooted, go to Settings > Update & Security > Check for updates to get the latest build.

Update error 0x80070490 work-around

If you encounter an update error 0x80070490 when updating on the Dev or Beta channel, try the following short-term work-around. It involves moving your insider channel, picking up the update and then moving your Insider channel back.

Stage one - Release Preview

  1. Settings, Update & Security, Windows Insider Program, select Release Preview Channel.

  2. Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Check for updates. After the update, continue on to Stage two.

Stage two - Dev Channel

  1. Settings, Update & Security, Windows Insider Program, select Dev Channel.

  2. Settings, Update & Security, Windows Update, Check for updates.

FFU download and flash directions

To test with a flight signed ffu, you first have to flight unlock your device prior to flashing the flight signed ffu.

  1. On PC:

    1. Download ffu to your PC from

    2. Install ARC (Advanced Recovery Companion) from the Microsoft Store:

  2. On HoloLens - Flight Unlock: Open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program then sign up, reboot device.

  3. Flash FFU - Now you can flash the flight signed FFU using ARC.

Provide feedback and report issues

Please use the Feedback Hub app on your HoloLens to provide feedback and report issues. Using Feedback Hub ensures that all necessary diagnostics information is included to help our engineers quickly debug and resolve the problem. Issues with the Chinese and Japanese version of HoloLens should be reported the same way.


Be sure to accept the prompt that asks whether you'd like Feedback Hub to access your Documents folder (select Yes when prompted).

Note for developers

You are welcome and encouraged to try developing your applications using Insider builds of HoloLens. Check out the HoloLens Developer Documentation to get started. Those same instructions work with Insider builds of HoloLens. You can use the same builds of Unity and Visual Studio that you're already using for HoloLens development.

Stop receiving Insider builds

If you no longer want to receive Insider builds of Windows Holographic, you can opt out when your HoloLens is running a production build, or you can recover your device using the Advanced Recovery Companion to recover your device to a non-Insider version of Windows Holographic.


There is a known issue in which users who un-enroll from Insider Preview builds after manually reinstalling a fresh preview build would experience a blue screen. Afterwards they must manually recover their device. For full details on if you would be impacted or not, please view more on this Known Issue.

To verify that your HoloLens is running a production build:

  1. Go to Settings > System > About, and find the build number.

  2. See the release notes for production build numbers.

To opt out of Insider builds:

  1. On a HoloLens running a production build, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program, and select Stop Insider builds.

  2. Follow the instructions to opt out your device.