Issues with SQL Server Express or MySQL when using WebMatrix or WebPI

by Chris Sfanos

The following article will grow to cover issues when using SQL Server Express or MySQL and WebMatrix or WebPI (Web Platform Installer)

Issue: The SA (SQL Express) or root (MySQL) password you entered (or have stored) is not valid

Error Message: The specified password for user account 'SA'/'root' is not valid or failed to connect to the database server

Potential solutions

  1. The password you entered may not match the required security settings of SQL Express or MySQL. The following articles detail the password strength requirements:

    1. SQL Express:
    2. MySQL: No complexity requirements
  2. The password that WebMatrix or WebPI has stored does not match the database you are trying to connect to

    1. Delete the reg key that is storing the password (hashed) and try the install again
    2. Delete the mysql_pwd or sql_pwd key stored at HKCU\Software\Microsoft\WebPlatformInstaller