Blogengine .NET Sample files

by Steve Jacobson


The Windows Web Application Gallery (WWAG) is being retired on July 1, 2021. We are no longer taking submissions via the Submission Portal. Please contact to make updates to your existing submission.

This is a set of sample files you could use with Blogengine .NET and the Web Deployment tool for deploying it on IIS. The manifest.xml and parameters.xml here are used to set the appropriate permissions and deploy the files to a web server . This application uses a file data store within App_Data directory and hence requires that this directory have ReadAndExecute,Write,Delete permissions .

The files are annotated with comments that explain specific lines in the files you'll need to customize for your configuration.

Sample manifest.xml file

    <!-- iisapp path identifies the subdirectory in the ZIP file which contains all of the application files 
    <iisapp path="BlogEngine" />

    <!-- setAcl with no setAclResourceType set will default to setting an ACL on a directory.  We are setting an ACL here for the App_Data directory that requires the following permissions : ReadAndExecute,Write,Delete
    <setAcl path="BlogEngine/App_Data" setAclAccess="ReadAndExecute,Write,Delete" />

Sample parameters.xml


<parameter name="Application Path" description="Full site path where you would like to install your application (i.e., Default Web Site/blogengine)" defaultValue="Default Web Site/blogengine" tags="iisapp">
    <parameterEntry type="ProviderPath" scope="iisapp" match="BlogEngine" />

<!-- For every  ACL in the manifest.xml , an ACL parameter must exist -->
<!-- Here is the ACL parameter for the App_Data directory -->

<parameter name="SetAclParameter1" description="Automatically sets write access for the app" defaultValue="{Application Path}/App_Data" tags="Hidden">
    <parameterEntry type="ProviderPath" scope="setAcl" match="BlogEngine/App_Data" />