BufferingTime Property

Gets or sets the duration of media content that will be buffered before playback can start or continue.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Web.Media.SmoothStreaming
Assembly:  Microsoft.Web.Media.SmoothStreaming (in Microsoft.Web.Media.SmoothStreaming.dll)



  Public Property BufferingTime As TimeSpan

  Dim instance As SmoothStreamingMediaElement
Dim value As TimeSpan

value = instance.BufferingTime

instance.BufferingTime = value
  public TimeSpan BufferingTime { get; set; }
property TimeSpan BufferingTime {
    TimeSpan get ();
    void set (TimeSpan value);
  function get BufferingTime () : TimeSpan
function set BufferingTime (value : TimeSpan)

Property Value

Type: System.TimeSpan
The duration of media content that will be preloaded before streaming begins or continues.


The following illustration shows the relationships between the LivePlaybackOffset, BufferingTime, and LiveBackOff properties.

Smooth Streaming Offsets

The BufferingTime property specifies the duration of media content that will be downloaded before the SmoothStreamingMediaElement object begins to display any content. The LivePlaybackOffset property specifies the duration of media content backed off from the value of the LiveBackOff property (that is, the current live position represented by the LiveBackOff property) where downloading and playback begins. Setting the LivePlaybackOffset property enables faster startup through build-up of some or all of a startup buffer specified by BufferingTime as fast as bandwidth will support. It creates a buffer against network jitter but increases the end-to-end latency.

As a result, the end-to-end latency on the client side (that is, how close playback is to live content that is available on the server) is at least the value of LiveBackOff plus the larger of BufferingTime or LivePlaybackOffset away from the live stream.

Version Information


Supported in: 4

Silverlight for Windows Phone

Supported in: Windows Phone OS 7.0


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