Content Protection in Silverlight

by Chris Knowlton

The Content Protection in Silverlight white paper provides an overview of how Microsoft® Silverlight™ not only enables you to offer a wide-range of digital content to your customers, but how it also provides content protection that helps you ensure that users can only use your digital content as you intend.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

    • What is Content Protection?
    • Why Should You Protect Online Content?
  • Techniques for Protecting Online Content

    • End-user Authentication and Authorization
    • Stream Encryption Using Secure Sockets Layer
    • Stream Encryption Using RTMPE
    • Full Digital Rights Management
    • Output Protection
  • How Silverlight Protects Online Content

    • End-User Authentication and Authorization
    • SSL
    • Silverlight DRM, Powered by PlayReady
    • Output Protection
  • Implementing PlayReady

    • Using an Application Service Provider to Host PlayReady
    • Self-Hosting PlayReady
  • PlayReady and Cross-Platform Content Protection
  • Summary

Click here to view the white paper: Content Protection in Silverlight.