IIS Media Services 3.0 Overview

by Chris Knowlton

The IIS Media Services 3.0 Overview describes the current set of IIS media extensions, the scenarios they address, and the business value you can achieve with their use.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction

  • IIS Media Services 3.0

    • Media Delivery Approaches Supported by Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Goals for IIS Media Services 3.0
  • Scenarios for IIS Media Services 3.0

    • On-demand Scenarios

      • IIS Bit Rate Throttling
      • IIS Web Playlists
      • IIS Smooth Streaming
    • Live Scenarios

      • IIS Live Smooth Streaming
      • IIS Extensions that Provide Support for Live and On-Demand Scenarios
      • IIS Advanced Logging
      • IIS Application Request Routing
  • Deploying IIS Media Services 3.0

  • Administering the IIS Media Server

    • IIS Manager
    • Command-line and Scripting Tools
  • Monitoring the IIS Media Server

  • Server Performance and Scalability

    • Deploying Server Clusters
    • Deploying Edge Cache Servers
  • Developing IIS Media Services Applications

    • Player Development with the Silverlight Media Framework
  • Summary

Click here to view the white paper: IIS Media Services 3.0 Overview.