Delivering Live and On-Demand Smooth Streaming (iStreamPlanet)

by iStreamPlanet

IIS Smooth Streaming has been used for many high-visibility online video events. Delivering Live and On-Demand Smooth Streaming is a white paper, written by iStreamPlanet, which provides an inside look at the infrastructure, tools, and workflow used to deliver some of these events.


Video delivered over the Internet has become an increasingly important element of the online presence of many companies. Organizations depend on Internet video for everything from corporate training and product launch webcast, to more complex streamed content such as live televised sports events. No matter what the scale, to be successful an online video program requires a carefully-planned workflow that employs the right technology and tools, network architecture, and event management.

This deployment guide was developed by capturing real world experience from iStreamPlanet® and its use of the Microsoft® platform technologies, including Microsoft® Silverlight™ and Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming, that have powered several successful online video events. This document aims to deliver an introductory view of the considerations for acquiring, creating, delivering, and managing live and on-demand SD and HD video. This guide will touch on a wide range of new tools and technologies which are emerging and essential components to deployed solutions, including applications and tools for live and on-demand encoding, delivery, content management (CMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) editing, data synchronization, and advertisement management.

Table of Contents:

  • Overview: What is Smooth Streaming?

  • Production: Creating the Video and Audio Content

  • Content Acquisition: Delivering the Content to the Encoding Team

  • Encoding: Converting the Content for Online Viewing

    • Onsite Encoding
    • Offsite Encoding
  • Content Delivery: Delivering the Stream to Viewers

    • Direct Content Delivery
    • Delivery via CDN
    • Estimating Bandwidth
    • Origin Server Hosting Options
  • Playback Experience: Connecting with Your Audience

  • Management, Coordination, and Monitoring: Complete Control

    • Management and Coordination
    • Monitoring
    • On-Demand Video Workflow
    • Content Management System
    • Rough Cut Editor
    • Text Stream Data Insertion Application
    • Live Ads Insertion Application
    • Digital Asset Management
  • Conclusion

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