Videocast: Simplified Application Deployment on the Microsoft Web Platform

by IIS Team

Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec has published a series of videos that target developers and users who want to experience a simplified deployment experience for apps and the Web stack on Windows, focusing particularly on ASP.NET and PHP open source community applications.

For developers

  • Make sure that you have the latest Microsoft Web platform tools (including the Microsoft Web server, applications and frameworks, database and tools, as well as PHP), watch the Staying Current with the Latest Web Platform with Web Platform Installer videocast (7 minutes).
  • Add required Web Deployment tool integration for the Windows Web App Gallery and/or simplify installation on Windows, watch Adding Web Deployment Tool Support to Community Application Zip Packages (12 minutes). This video explains how to add Web Deployment Tool manifest files to a community application zip file (WordPress in this case) for easier deployment on Windows.
  • Find a community application that deploys easily on Windows and learn how to re-package that app with customizations for deployment to a rstrongote IIS Web server, see the Packaging and Deploying an Open Source Application Using Web Deployment Tool videocast (11 minutes). This video walks through how to find and customize SilverStripe from the Web App Gallery, then re-package and deploy the customized SilverStripe package using Web Deployment Tool to a remote IIS server.

For Windows users

Technologies discussed

These videos were encoded and are published using IIS Smooth Streaming.