Sales and Marketing Questions

by Walter Oliver

Why should customers migrate from IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.0?

  • Modular pipeline. Tight integration with ASP.NET. Better shared hosting performance. Better administration tools. Simpler diagnostics.
  • Inexpensive, streamlined Windows Server Web Edition, perfect for hosting workloads
  • Scalable shared hosting - easily sandbox up to 4000 Web sites on a single server
  • World-class performance and reliability hosting of ASP, ASP.NET, and PHP applications
  • Remote Web site administration tool for site owners and developers supporting Vista®, Windows® 2003 and XP®
  • In-depth runtime state data providing detailed diagnostic information
  • Modern FTP publishing support, including integrated Web publishing, FTP/SSL, and membership-based authentication.

What are the differences between Windows Server® 2008 Web Edition and Standard Edition? Will the Web edition still have limitations on number of RPC connections?

This has not yet been finalized.

Is the SPLA pricing on the Web version of Windows Server 2008 going to be more or less expensive than Server 2003 Web?

This has not yet been finalized.

What is Windows Server 2008 "ServerCore"? Will IIS 7.0 run on ServerCore, and will it have any limitations compared to Web, Standard, and Enterprise?

ServerCore is a minimal install of Windows: no UI, no media, nothing. If IIS 7.0 does work on it, it will have serious limitations: e.g., no managed code on server core, lots of random DLLs will not be there and you have to know how to do everything from the command line.