Using Delegated Administration

by Joe Stagner

The Microsoft Web Platform provides the functionality needed by hosters and their customers to remotely administer web applications in Shared Hosting environments. The video above shows Web Hosting customers how to take advantage of Delegated Administration (also known as Remote Administration) by explaining administrative specific tasks the user may want to perform on their site and what the hoster would need to enable them. For Shared Hosting Customers the video provides: A brief introduction to Delegated Administration and how to connect to the remote site. A drill down on using an actual configuration feature for administration of the site, error pages. The client experience is when the feature is locked for a site. The client experience of configuring the newly unlocked feature, error page setting for the site. For Hosters the video provides: A brief introduction to Delegated Administration. The server experience when unlocking a feature for a particular site.

▶ Watch video (8 minutes)