Verifying Azure Rights Management

Carol Bailey

Applies to: Azure Rights Management, Office 365

After you have activated Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) and performed any additional configuration steps that are required for your organization, you can verify that the service is working as expected by protecting a file or email message by using one user account, and then attempting to open and use that protected content from another user account.

To do this testing, you can use the information in Helping users to protect files by Using Azure Rights Management.

If your testing is unsuccessful, review the configuration steps in Azure Rights Management deployment roadmap, and use the RMS Analyzer tool to help identify and fix potential problems. You can also run this tool periodically, as a general health check.


If you need additional help, see the Support options and community resources section in the Information and support for Azure Rights Management article.

Next steps

You can monitor how your organization is using information protection by using usage logging. For more information, see Logging and analyzing Azure Rights Management usage.