How-to: add explicit owner rights

Your application should explicitly add "Owner" rights when creating a license from scratch using IpcCreateLicenseFromScratch.


When your application is creating a license handle using IpcCreateLicenseFromScratch, it must also grant the owner full rights (permissions) explicitly.


Setting a user as "owner" using IpcSetLicenseProperty with the IPC_LI_OWNER property does not grant the owner full permissions.

The following example code only represents the steps involved in creating and adding the specific rights to a given license.


Step 1: Example scenario

In this example, needed rights are added to a license created with IpcCreateLicenseFromScratch. The example shows the creation and assignment of the rights to the license through a rights list.

The following two rights are added to these users:

  • Read permissions assigned to
  • Full permissions assigned to

    // Create User Rights structure
    IPC_USER_RIGHTS ownerRightForOwner = {0};
    // Create rights
    LPCWSTR rgwszOwnerRights[1] = {IPC_GENERIC_ALL};
    // Assign values to members of Rights structure
    ownerRightForOwner.User.dwType = IPC_USER_TYPE_IPC;
    ownerRightForOwner.User.wszID = IPC_USER_ID_OWNER;
    ownerRightForOwner.rgwszRights = rgwszOwnerRights;
    ownerRightForOwner.cRights = 1;
    // Create User Rights structure for Joe with Read permissions
    IPC_USER_RIGHTS joeReadRight = {0};
    LPCWSTR rgwszReadRights[1] = {IPC_GENERIC_READ};
    // Assign values to members of Rights structure for Joe
    joeReadRight.User.dwType = IPC_USER_TYPE_EMAIL;
    joeReadRight.User.wszID = "";
    joeReadRight.rgwszRights = rgwszReadRights;
    joeReadRight.cRights = 1;
    // Create User Rights structure for Mary Kay with Full permissions
    IPC_USER_RIGHTS mary_kayFullRight = {0};
    LPCWSTR rgwszFullRights[1] = {IPC_GENERIC_ALL};
    // Assign values to members of Rights structure for Mary Kay
    mary_kayFullRight.User.dwType = IPC_USER_TYPE_EMAIL;
    mary_kayFullRight.User.wszID = L"";
    mary_kayFullRight.rgwszRights = rgwszFullRights;
    mary_kayFullRight.cRights = 1;
    // Create User Rights List and assign the above rights
    size_t uNoOfUserRights = 3;
    pUserRightsList = reinterpret_cast<PIPC_USER_RIGHTS_LIST>
    (new BYTE[ sizeof(IPC_USER_RIGHTS_LIST) + uNoOfUserRights * sizeof(IPC_USER_RIGHTS)]);
    if(pUserRightsList == NULL)
      // Handle error
    // Assign values to members of Rights List structure for Joe and Mary Kay
    (*pUserRightsList).cbSize = sizeof(IPC_USER_RIGHTS_LIST);
    (*pUserRightsList).cUserRights = uNoOfUserRights;
    (*pUserRightsList).rgUserRights[0] = ownerRightForOwner;
    (*pUserRightsList).rgUserRights[1] = joeReadRight;
    (*pUserRightsList).rgUserRights[2] = mary_kayFullRight;
    // Set the Rights List property on the license via its handle
    // hLicense is a license handle created with IpcCreateLicenseFromScratch
    hr = IpcSetLicenseProperty(hLicense, FALSE, IPC_LI_USER_RIGHTS_LIST, pUserRightsList);
      // Handle the error


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