House rules for comments on the Azure Information Protection documentation

Applies to: Azure Information Protection, Office 365

If you have feedback about the documentation you've just read for Azure Information Protection, we would love to hear from you. For example, if you have a clarifying question about the information that is documented, you want to report an inaccuracy in the documentation, or you can’t find the information that you need.

Before you post your comment, make sure that it's relevant to the page where you are posting. These posts are public and visible to everybody. If your post is not relevant to the page, or it is outside the scope of our house rules (see the following list), expect it to be deleted.

Do not use Livefyre comments and sidenotes for the following:

  • Subscription questions for your organization. For example, whether your existing subscriptions support a feature that you want to use and you have checked the subscription requirements for Azure Information Protection. Instead, contact your Microsoft Account Manager or Microsoft Support.

  • Technical support. For example, a feature isn’t working and you have checked any requirements and followed the documentation instructions. You have also checked that you're using a supported version of the Azure Information Protection client. Instead, contact Microsoft Support or use your standard support channels. Alternatively, engage with the community on the Azure Information Protection Yammer site.

  • Roadmap information. For example, when a new release will be available or additional functionality is planned. For this information, visit the Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog or ask about it on the Azure Information Protection Yammer site. You can also check the User Voice site for Azure Information Protection and use this resource to request new features.

  • Product feedback. For example, suggestions for product improvements or a new feature. Instead, visit the User Voice site for Azure Information Protection to propose new capabilities, vote on ideas others have posted, and see the current status as triaged by the Azure Information Protection team. For general feedback, questions, and advice, engage with the community on the Azure Information Protection Yammer site.

  • Documentation design feedback. For example, you want to report a problem or request a new feature for all documentation pages on the site. Instead, visit the documentation feedback site to post your suggestion or vote on other suggestions. You might also find it useful to read Introducing to learn more about the site design and new features.

You’ll find additional resources in Information and support for Azure Information Protection.

Note: If you are a Microsoft employee, please use internal communication channels.