RMS for individuals and Azure Information Protection

Applies to: Azure Information Protection

RMS for individuals is a free self-service subscription for users in an organization who need to open files that have been protected by the Azure Rights Management service from Azure Information Protection. If these users cannot be authenticated by Azure Active Directory and their organization does not have Active Directory Rights Management (AD RMS), this free sign-up service can create an account in Azure Active Directory for a user. As a result, these users can now authenticate by using their company email address and then read the protected files on computers or mobile devices.

Using the Azure Information Protection client on Windows computers, these users can also protect their own files but this ability is intended for trial use only and might be removed in the future.

RMS for individuals is an example of a self-service signup that is supported by Azure Active Directory. For more information about how this works, see What is Self-Service Signup for Azure? in the Azure Active Directory documentation.


This free subscription is one option to help ensure that authorized people outside your organization can always read files that your organization protects. Another option is to email documents by using Office 365 Message Encryption with new capabilities. This email solution works for all email addresses on all devices and is the recommended way to safely share information and Office documents by email with people outside your organization.

Next steps

See How users sign up for RMS for individuals, for step-by-step instructions and a technical overview of what's happening in the background.


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