Group Policy, Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM), and Internet Explorer 11

Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) is an add-on license that available for the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP). This license gives you change control and a role assignment-model that helps optimize Group Policy management and reduce the risk of widespread failures.

From AGPM you can:

  • Edit GPOs outside of your production environment. Your GPOs are stored in an outside archive for editing, reviewing, and approving. Then, when you deploy, AGPM moves the GPOs to your production environment.

  • Assign roles to your employees. You can assign 3 roles to your employees or groups, including:

    • Reviewer. Can view and compare GPOs in the archive. This role can't edit or deploy GPOs.

    • Editor. Can view, compare, check-in and out, and edit GPOs in the archive. This role can also request GPO deployment.

    • Approver. Can approve GPO creation and deployment to the production environment.

  • Manage your GPO lifecycle with change control features. You can use the available version-control, history, and auditing features to help you manage your GPOs while moving through your archive, to your editing process, and finally to your GPO deployment.

For more information about AGPM, and to get the license, see Advanced Group Policy Management 4.0 Documents.