Use the Important URLs - Home Page and Support page in the IEAK 11 Wizard

The Important URLS – Home Page and Support page of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 11 lets you choose one or more Home pages and an online support page for your customized version of IE.

To use the Important URLS – Home Page and Support page

  1. In the Add a homepage URL box, type the URL to the page your employees go to when they click the Home button, and then click Add.

    If you add multiple Home pages, each page appears on a separate tab in the browser. If you don’t add a custom Home page, IE uses by default. If you want to delete an existing page, click the URL and then click Remove.

  2. Check the Retain previous Home Page (Upgrade) box if you have employees with previous versions of IE, who need to keep their Home page settings when the browser is updated.

  3. Check the Online support page URL box to type in the URL to your own support page. Customizing the support page is only supported in Internet Explorer for the desktop.

  4. Click Next to go to the Accelerators page or Back to go to the Search Providers page.