Determine the licensing version and features to use in IEAK 11

You must pick a version of IEAK 11 to run during installation, either External or Internal, based on your license agreement. Your version selection decides the options you can pick from, the steps you’ll have to follow to deploy your Internet Explorer 11 package, and how you’ll manage the browser after deployment.

  • External Distribution as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet Content Provider (ICP), or Developer. If you’re an ISP or an ICP, your license agreement also says that you have to show the Internet Explorer logo on your packaging and promotional goods, as well as on your website.

    Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that install IEAK 11 as part of a Windows product, under an OEM license agreement with Microsoft, must use their appropriate Windows OEM Preinstallation document (OPD) as the guide for allowable customizations.

  • Internal Distribution via a Corporate Intranet. This version is for network admins that plan to directly deploy IE11 into a corporate environment.

Available features by version

Internal External
Welcome screen Welcome screen
File locations File locations
Platform selection Platform selection
Language selection Language selection
Package type selection Package type selection
Feature selection Feature selection
Automatic Version Synchronization (AVS) Automatic Version Synchronization (AVS)
Custom components Custom components
Internal install Not available
User experience Not available
Browser user interface Browser user interface
Search providers Search providers
Important URLs – Home page and support Important URLs – Home page and support
Accelerators Accelerators
Favorites, Favorites bar, and feeds Favorites, Favorites bar, and feeds
Browsing options Not available
First Run wizard and Welcome page options First Run wizard and Welcome page options
Connection manager Connection manager
Connection settings Connection settings
Automatic configuration Not available
Proxy settings Proxy settings
Security and privacy settings Not available
Not available Add a root certificate
Programs Programs
Additional settings Not available
Wizard complete Wizard complete