Use the Programs page in the IEAK 11 Wizard

The Programs page of the Internet Explorer Customization Wizard 11 lets you pick the default programs to use for Internet services, like email, contact lists, and newsgroups, by importing settings from your computer.

The customizations you make on this page only apply to Internet Explorer for the desktop.

To use the Programs page

  1. Determine whether you want to customize your connection settings. You can pick:

    • Do not customize Program Settings. Pick this option if you don’t want to set program associations for your employee’s devices.


    • Import the current Program Settings. Pick this option to import the program associations from your device and use them as the preset for your employee’s program settings.

      If you want to change any of your settings, you can click Modify Settings to open the Internet Properties box, click Set associations, and make your changes.

  2. Click Next to go to the Additional Settings page or Back to go to the Add a Root Certificate page.