Android and Samsung KNOX Standard device restriction settings in Microsoft Intune

Applies to: Intune in the Azure portal preview
Because this is a preview, details and functionality are subject to change.
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Setting name Details Android 4.0+ Samsung KNOX Standard
Camera Allows the use of the device camera. Yes Yes
Copy and paste Allows copy and paste functions on the device. No Yes
Clipboard sharing between apps Allows use of the clipboard to copy and paste between apps. No Yes
Diagnostic data submission Stops the user from submitting diagnostic data from the device. No Yes
Factory reset Allows the user to perform a factory reset on the device. No Yes
Geolocation Allows the device to utilize location information (Samsung KNOX Standard only). No Yes
Power off Allows the user to power off the device.
If this setting is disabled, the setting Number of sign in failures before wiping device for Samsung KNOX Standard devices does not function.
No Yes
Screen capture Lets the user capture the screen contents as an image. No Yes
Voice assistant Allows the use of voice assistant software on the device. No Yes
YouTube Allows the use of the YouTube app on the device. No Yes
Shared devices Configure a managed Samsung KNOX Standard device as shared. In this mode, end users can sign in and out of the device with their Azure AD credentials, and the device is centrally managed whether it’s in use or not.
When end users sign-in, they have access to apps and additionally get any policies applied to them. When users sign out, all app data is cleared.
No Yes


Setting name Details Android 4.0+ Samsung KNOX Standard
Password Require the end user to enter a password to access the device. Yes Yes
Minimum password length Enter the minimum length of password a user must configure (between 4 and 16 characters). Yes Yes
Maximum minutes of inactivity until screen locks Specifies the number of minutes of inactivity before the device automatically locks. Yes Yes
Number of sign-in failures before wiping device Specifies the number of sign-in failures to allow before the device is wiped. Yes Yes
Password expiration (days) Specifies the number of days before the device password must be changed. Yes Yes
Required password type Specifies the password complexity level that's required and whether biometric devices can be used. Choose from:

- Device default
- Low security biometric
- At least numeric
- Numeric complex (repeating, or consecutive numbers like '1111' or '1234' are not allowed)1
- At least alphabetic
- At least alphanumeric
- At least alphanumeric with symbols
Yes Yes
Prevent reuse of previous passwords Stops the end user from creating a password they have used before. Yes Yes
Fingerprint unlock Allows the use of a fingerprint to unlock supported devices. No Yes
Smart Lock and other trust agents Lets you control the Smart Lock feature on compatible Android devices (Samsung KNOX Standard 5.0 and later). This phone capability, sometimes known as a trust agent, lets you disable or bypass the device lock screen password if the device is in a trusted location (for example, when it's connected to a specific Bluetooth device, or when it's close to an NFC tag.) You can use this setting to prevent users from configuring Smart Lock. Yes (5.0 and later) No
Encryption Requires that files on the device are encrypted. Yes Yes

1Before you assign this setting to devices, ensure that the Company Portal app has been updated to the latest version on the targeted devices.

If you configure the Numeric complex setting, and then assign it to a device running a version of Android earlier than 5.0, the following behavior applies.

  • If the Company Portal app is running a version prior to 1704, no PIN policy will be applied to the device and an error will be displayed in the Intune portal.
  • If the Company Portal app has been updated to the 1704 version, a simple PIN only will apply. Versions of Android earlier than 5.0 do not support this setting. No error is displayed in the Intune portal.

Google Play Store

Setting name Details Android 4.0+ Samsung KNOX Standard
Google Play store Allows the user to access the Google Play store on the device No Yes

Restricted apps

In the restricted apps list, you can configure one of the following lists:

A Prohibited apps list - List the apps (not managed by Intune) that users are not allowed to install and run. An Approved apps list - List the apps that users are allowed to install. To remain compliant, users must not install apps that are not listed. Apps that are managed by Intune are automatically allowed. Device profiles that contain restricted app settings must be deployed to groups of users.

To configure the list, click Add, then specify a name of your choice, optionally the app publisher, and the URL to the app in the app store.

How to specify the URL to an app in the store

To specify an app URL in the compliant and noncompliant apps list, take the following steps:

In the Apps section of Google Play, search for the app you want to use.

Open the installation page for the app, and then copy the URL to the clipboard. You can now use this as the URL in either the compliant or noncompliant apps list.

Example: Search Google Play for Microsoft Office Mobile. The URL you use will be

Additional options

You can also click Import to populate the list from a csv file in the format <app url>, <app name>, <app publisher> or click Export to create a csv file containing the contents of the restricted apps list in the same format.


Setting name Details Android 4.0+ Samsung KNOX Standard
Web browser Specifies whether the device's default web browser can be used. No Yes
Autofill Allows the autofill function of the web browser to be used. No Yes
Cookies Allows the device web browser to use cookies. No Yes
Javascript Allows the device web browser to run Java scripts. No Yes
Pop-ups Allows the use of the pop-up blocker in the web browser. No Yes

Cloud and Storage

Setting name Details Android 4.0+ Samsung KNOX Standard
Google backup Allows the use of Google backup. No Yes
Google account auto sync Allows Google account settings to be automatically synchronized. No Yes
Removable storage Allows the device to use removable storage, like an SD card. No Yes
Encryption on storage cards Specifies whether the device storage card must be encrypted. No Yes

Cellular and Connectivity

Setting name Details Android 4.0+ Samsung KNOX Standard
Data roaming Allows data roaming when the device is on a cellular network). No Yes
SMS/MMS messaging Allows the use of SMS and MMS messaging on the device. No Yes
Voice dialing Enables or disables the voice dialing feature on the device. No Yes
Voice roaming Allows voice roaming when the device is on a cellular network. No Yes
Bluetooth Allows the use of Bluetooth on the device. No Yes
NFC Allows operations that use near field communication if the device supports it. No Yes
Wi-Fi Allows the use of the Wi-Fi capabilities of the device. No Yes
Wi-Fi tethering Allows the use of Wi-Fi tethering on the device. No Yes


Setting name Details Android 4.0+ Samsung KNOX Standard
Select a managed app Browse to, then select a managed app that can run when the device is in kiosk mode (apps specified as a link to the store are not currently supported). No other apps will be allowed to run on the device. No Yes
Screen sleep button Enables or disables the screen sleep wake button on the device. No Yes
Volume buttons Enables or disables the use of the volume buttons on the device. No Yes
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